Do You Know?
Oil Smoke can became "Lung Cancer"

Have you face same problem with me?
1.    Oily and stick on floor after cooking
2.    You must mop floor every time cooking. Maybe also at not cooking time?
3.    Have you feel smell at you Kitchen or after cooking.
4.    Have you scare do the fired food
5.    You cooker hood start liking?
6.    Difficult to clean and clear the oil inside cooker hood?
7.    Feel not use wherever open the hood
8.    Every where in house is stick?

Why Must Install Cooker Hood?
1.    Protect housing Renovation
2.    Not smell after cooking
3.    Not oily and stick at any where
4.    Protect healthy family
5.    Not did cooking after mop
6.    Safety time
7.    Eat Healthy
8.    Smoke can became CANCER (Lung, Nose, …)
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